Baby Roaches In The Shower [2 Simple Solutions]

Sam McGilin

Sam McGilin

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If you’ve seen one baby roach in your shower, then I’m quite certain there will be others lurking nearby, waiting for the right opportunity to come out and look for food.

You must act fast and get rid of them. Here why!

Baby cockroaches forage for food and water, they will soon spread from your shower to your bathroom, and eventually, they will move to other areas, such as your kitchen and pantry.

To avoid them from infesting other parts of your home, I suggest using the two solutions mentioned below.

Solutions to eradicate baby roaches in the shower

Solution 1: Traps and Baits

Roach baits are a highly effective solution when you are dealing with baby cockroaches in your shower. Different types of baits are available on the market, including liquid, gel, powder, and granular options.

For use in the shower, I suggest using TERRO Roach Bait Gel because it can be applied to the corners of your shower.

This will ensure the roaches in and around your shower will be attracted to the gel bait, consume it, and die within two days.

You can also add roach bait stations within your bathroom at various locations. This will increase the odds of the baby roaches finding the bait station and consuming the poison instead of moving to other parts of your house in search of food (usually, they end up in the pantry, couch, or kitchen sink).

I recommend using TERRO® Multi-Surface Roach Baits because it has a see-thru window, which will help you understand when to replace the bait station without picking it up and examining it.

If you notice any cracks, they may be potential nesting sites. So placing a bait station near this location will also help.

While baits may work slowly, they are an excellent long-term solution and usually show results in two to seven days. With so many effective baiting options, you can control your cockroach problem and enjoy a pest-free shower and home.

Solution 2: Insecticide/Pesticide sprays

Many exterminators often rely on insecticide aerosol sprays to control cockroach infestations indoors and outdoors.

Although I only recommend this solution to some, this method offers quick and immediate results.

But it’s important to be cautious since sprays can be hazardous if you are directly exposed to the chemicals.

I suggest you wear a mask, glasses, and gloves when using insecticide sprays to protect yourself.

Sprays are best suited for larger infestations of cockroaches rather than just a few strays.

For sprays, I suggest using the TERRO® Roach Killer Spray, it will kill the baby roaches instantly, and when you spray it on cracks and potential roach nests, it will kill them when they come in contact with the residue.

Tips to avoid future cockroach infestations

The best technique for repelling baby roaches in the shower and your home involves 3 phases:

  • Investigation & Inspection
  • Find the source
  • Treatment using insecticide (natural or chemical)

Investigation & Inspection

The first step in eliminating baby roaches from your shower is to investigate and inspect the infested area.

The presence of baby cockroaches inside your shower serves as a strong indicator that it provides them with food and water.

Find the source

The second step is to identify the source that is attracting the tiny baby roaches to your home.
Since they thrive in unsanitary environments, it’s important to search for potential sources of attraction, such as areas with excessive moisture, poor sanitation, or rotting debris.
By identifying and eliminating these sources, you can effectively reduce the chances of future cockroach infestations.

Treatment and insecticides

The third step involves baiting and insecticide sprays to prevent any future spread and infestation of baby roaches.

In the previous section, I’ve listed which products to use, and the images on this page will help you understand where to place/use them.

The bait gel and station are effective solutions for killing and deterring baby roaches.


Baby roaches in the shower drain are no cause for alarm just yet! If you follow the steps I listed above and maintain a clean environment, keeping these ill-reputed pests away from your home won’t be a problem anymore.

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