Baby Roaches in the refrigerator [2 step solution]

Sam McGilin

Sam McGilin

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As a pest control specialist, I completely understand why you wouldn’t want baby roaches in your fridge or living around it.

We all know that these little pests are notorious sources of pestilence and disease, so it’s essential to prevent them from breeding in your kitchen near your fridge.

In this article, I want to personally guide you through the best solutions for getting rid of these creepy pests and how you can avoid future infestations in and around your fridge. With my expertise and experience, I can assure you that you’ll have a pest-free kitchen in no time.

How to get rid of baby roaches from the refrigerator

Step 1: Visual Examination

Visually inspect your fridge and the surrounding areas. Move the refrigerator away from the wall, as the most typical hiding place is underneath and behind it.

In my experience, I usually find them closer to the black tank at the bottom of your fridge.

Step 2: Scrub the Area

Keep an eye out for egg casings when you begin cleaning out your refrigerator because this indicates that you have a major cockroach infestation on your hands.

Take out all your food from the fridge and wipe down the entire insides of your fridge. You must also clean your refrigerator’s motor and empty the condensation pan beneath it.

Step 3: Set up roach baits

After the cleansing and maintenance/upkeep is completed, set roach bait traps behind your fridge and stick some of them to the side as well.

I suggest using TERRO® Multi-Surface Roach Baits as they have a clear see-thru window, which will let you visually examine them and replace them when the bait runs out.

It also has an adhesive strip at the back, allowing you to stick it on the bottom side of your fridge. This will serve as a quick food source for the roaches and prevent them from trying to get into your fridge.

If this is your first experience will roach bait stations and you need to learn how it works, then here’s a quick explanation.

Roach baits work by attracting cockroaches with an irresistible food source that is doctored with a slow-acting poison.

The poison is usually a toxic substance that disrupts the baby’s nervous system, eventually causing it to die.

When baby roaches eat the bait, it takes some time for the poison to take effect. This delay allows the roach to return to its dwelling area before it dies.

As the roach returns to its dwelling area, it will come into contact with other roaches, and the poison will spread throughout the colony.

This is why I recommend roach baits because they are one of the most effective methods of controlling a baby cockroach infestation.

But please do remember that roach baits are not an instant solution. The bait may take several days or weeks to completely eliminate the roach population.

Tips to avoid future baby cockroach infestations

To keep baby cockroach infestations from your kitchen, you can follow 3 basic tips for consistent pest management:

  • Clean up any food debris
  • Use proper storage with seals
  • Manage moisture and dampness

Clean up any food debris.

Always keep the insides of your fridge clean and remove any food debris.

Use proper storage with seals.

All the food stored inside your fridge should be sealed properly to prevent the smell of food from attracting baby roaches and other insects.

Manage moisture and dampness.

Keep the area around the fridge dry and wipe it with a disinfectant regularly.

Check the rubber seal.

Visually examine the rubber seal around your fridge and replace it if you notice any small gaps. This will prevent any roaches from getting into your fridge in the future.


To ensure baby roaches in the fridge don’t return, you must be consistent with the abovementioned measures.

Use a roach bait station to eliminate baby roaches and keep the fridge and its surrounding area dry and free of any food debris.

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