Wasps in window frame [How to get rid of them]

Sam McGilin

Sam McGilin

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I know how frustrating it can be to discover wasps in your window frame.
As a pest control specialist, I’ve seen this issue many times.

It’s not just a nuisance; it can lead to more serious problems if not addressed.
In this article, I’ll guide you through three effective solutions to get rid of wasps in your window frame.

I’ll also provide preventative measures to keep them away in the future.

By the end, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to tackle this issue with confidence.

How to get rid of wasps in window frame – 3 solutions

Dealing with wasps in your window frame can be both alarming and challenging. In this section, I’ll walk you through three practical solutions to eliminate these unwelcome guests. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a more permanent solution, these methods will cater to your needs.

Using commercial wasp sprays

Commercial wasp sprays are an efficient and commonly used method to deal with wasps in window frames. These sprays are specifically formulated to target wasps and often provide a quick solution. Here’s how you can use them effectively:

Selecting the right wasp spray

Choosing the correct wasp spray is essential. Look for products that are labeled explicitly for wasps and hornets, as they contain the necessary ingredients to target these pests. Some sprays come with a jet stream option that allows for application from a distance, increasing safety. Always read the instructions on the can for specific guidance.

Proper application technique

Wearing protective clothing, such as gloves and eye protection, is advised when using commercial sprays. Aim the nozzle of the spray directly at the wasps’ entry point in the window frame. Most commercial sprays work instantly, so it’s wise to be prepared to move quickly after application. Remember to spray at the recommended distance mentioned on the product label.

Timing of application

The timing of the spray application can also be crucial. Wasps are less active during the cooler hours of early morning or late evening, making it an ideal time to use the spray. Applying the spray at these times increases the chances of reaching the majority of the wasps in the nest.

Post-application cleanup

After successfully treating the area, it’s essential to clean up any residue left by the spray. This might include wiping down the window frame and surrounding areas. Proper disposal of the empty can, following the guidelines on the packaging, ensures that no harmful chemicals are left behind.

Monitoring for recurrence

Keep an eye on the treated area for a few days to ensure that all the wasps have been eradicated. If you notice further activity, a second application may be necessary.

Implementing natural remedies

If you prefer a more natural approach, there are several household items that can be used to create wasp deterrents. From vinegar to essential oils, I’ll guide you through crafting homemade solutions that are both effective and eco-friendly.

Hiring professional pest control

Sometimes, the infestation might be too severe or the location too tricky to handle on your own. In these cases, calling in professional pest control can be the best option. I’ll help you understand when this might be necessary and how to choose the right professional for the job.

Now that we’ve covered ways to get rid of wasps in your window frame, in the next section, we’ll delve into preventative measures to keep wasps away from window frames, ensuring that once gone, they stay gone.

Preventative measures to keep wasps away from window frames

Now that we’ve explored ways to get rid of wasps in your window frames, it’s equally crucial to ensure that they don’t return. Prevention is often the best form of pest control, and in this section, I’ll share some tried-and-true measures that can help keep wasps away from your window frames in the first place.

Regular maintenance and inspection

Routine inspection of your window frames and adjacent areas can prevent wasp infestations before they start. Look for signs of nest building and address any cracks or openings that might attract wasps.

Scheduled checks

Setting up a regular schedule to inspect your window frames helps in early detection of any wasp activity. The sooner you catch them, the easier they are to remove.

Sealing cracks and openings

Small cracks and openings can be an invitation to wasps. Sealing these areas with caulk or other appropriate materials can make your window frames less appealing to them.

Using wasp-repellent products

Various products are designed specifically to deter wasps, and they can be part of your preventative approach.

Wasp-repellent sprays

These are available in most stores and can be sprayed around window frames to create a barrier that wasps don’t like to cross.

Electronic repellents

Some devices emit frequencies that wasps find unpleasant. Placing these near window frames can be an effective deterrent.

Creating an unfriendly environment for wasps

By making the area around your window frames less hospitable to wasps, you can often prevent them from settling in.

Landscaping changes

Trimming trees and shrubs near windows removes potential nesting spots. Planting wasp-repelling plants like mint or lemongrass can also be helpful.

Natural deterrents

Simple solutions like hanging a paper bag (which resembles a wasp’s nest) near windows can deter wasps, as they are territorial and generally avoid building nests near other wasps.

Prevention is a powerful tool in keeping your home wasp-free. By following these preventative measures, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve taken proactive steps to keep wasps away from your window frames. In the concluding section, we’ll summarize the essential points and offer some final thoughts on dealing with wasps in window frames.


Wasps in window frames can be more than just a minor annoyance; they can present real challenges for homeowners.

By understanding how to get rid of wasps using commercial sprays, natural remedies, or professional services, and by implementing preventative measures, you can take control of this issue.

Remember, early action and regular maintenance are key. Keep your window frames wasp-free and enjoy a more comfortable and secure home environment.