Baby roaches in the sink [Simple solution]

Sam McGilin

Sam McGilin

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Finding baby roaches in the sink and near drain pipes is almost inevitable. And when you see one, you can bet that there are dozens hiding out of sight. I’m sure you already know that they are disease carriers, so removing them from your kitchen sink is highly crucial.

Before an infestation gets out of hand, I always suggest using preventative measures. In this article, I share the steps you should take to eradicate and prevent the return of baby roaches around your sink.

Steps to take to eliminate baby roaches from the sink

Below are some important steps you can take to eradicate and prevent baby roaches from breeding and returning to your sink:

Step 1: Clean your sink’s drain

The baby roaches in your sink are attracted to the food particles stuck in your drainpipe.
When you clean your drainpipe with a potent cleaning agent like Drano, you eliminate the food source for the baby roaches. This will make your sink less appealing to them.

Step 2: Place roach baits

The second step is to place roach bait traps under your sink. I suggest using TERRO® Multi-Surface roach baits because it has an adhesive strip on the back, allowing you to stick them closer to the drain pipe.

Apart from that, it also has a see-thru window, so you know exactly when you need to replace the roach bait.

If you don’t know how a roach bait works, here’s a quick explanation.

Roach baits work by attracting cockroaches with an irresistible food source that is laced with a slow-acting poison.

The poison is usually a toxic substance that disrupts the baby roaches nervous system, causing it to die eventually.

When baby roaches eat the bait, it takes some time for the poison to take effect. This delay allows the roach to return to its nest before it dies.

As the roach returns to its nest, it will come into contact with other roaches, and the poison will spread throughout the colony.

This is why I recommend roach baits because they are one of the most effective methods of controlling a baby cockroach infestation.

But please remember that roach baits are not an instant solution. The bait may take several days or weeks to completely eliminate the roach population.

Step 3: Plug your sink’s drain at night

Based on my first-hand experience, baby roaches tend to come looking for food in your sink at night. So, if you cover your sink’s drain with a plug or stopper, it will force the baby roaches to look for food elsewhere.

Step 4: Use gel bait or bait station around your sink

The next step is to place roach bait stations around your sink. The baby roaches will consume the slow-acting poisoned bait and die.

Step 5: Clean the dishes regularly

Lastly, ensure counters, dishes, and appliances are clean. Never leave dirty dishes overnight, as this attracts baby roaches.

Natural solutions to get rid of baby roaches in your sink

If you prefer using a natural remedy, then here is my suggestion

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Sodium bicarbonate/baking soda and vinegar may be combined to naturally clean drains. Pour 1/4 cup baking soda down the drain, then 1/2 cup vinegar. The reactions between these two components should be sufficient to remove any garbage from the drain. Wait a few minutes before pouring hot water down the drain.

Tips to avoid future baby roach infestations

A few simple methods can be utilized to prevent cockroach infestation and breeding within your home:

  • Seal any cracks in your walls and repair any leaks in your pipes
  • Keep countertops tidy and free from crumbs and unsealed food
  • Clean regularly and keep your home as clean as possible
  • Minimize the clutter around your home to prevent roaches from spreading


Getting rid of baby roaches in your sink is not hard at all. But it does requires some patience and regular cleaning. I suggest using a roach bait station as it is the most effective method to get rid of baby roaches and their colony.