How To Get Rid of Ants in a Restaurant [Simple Tips]

Sam McGilin

Sam McGilin

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Ants can be a pest, especially in places of business such as restaurants. Here are what you can do to get rid of them:

How to get rid of ants in a restaurant

Ants are usually found around restaurant kitchens, and there are many potential causes for this situation. 

First and foremost, restaurants offer a variety of foods that ants find irresistible. 

If you have noticed ants in your restaurant kitchen, there are a few things that you can do to get rid of them.

Investigate Where Ants Are Getting Into Your Kitchen

The first step to getting rid of ants in your restaurant kitchen is to figure out how they get into the space. Ants are small so that they can squeeze through tiny cracks and crevices. Once inside, they will start looking for food, so you’ll see them scattered around. 

Start a thorough inspection of the outside of your restaurant. Look for any cracks or crevices that ants could use to get inside. When you find the entry points, seal them with caulk or another sealant.

Afterward, inspect the inside of your restaurant for any potential food sources that ants are attracted to. Focus on areas where food is prepared, served, and stored. Be sure to clean up any spills or crumbs as soon as possible.

Establish a New Cleaning Routine

Once you’ve done the primary step, you will need to establish a new cleaning routine. This will prevent the ants from coming back.

As restaurant owners and managers, ensuring that your kitchen staff is trained in proper cleaning procedures is essential. 

Clean all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas regularly, including countertops, cutting boards, stovetops, and tables. 

Use a disinfectant, soapy water, or a mixture of vinegar and water. Floors should also be kept clean. 

Sweep and mop daily and remove any spills or crumbs as soon as possible.

You may also consider investing in some commercial-grade ant traps. These traps look something like small boxes with a hole in the top. Place the trap strategically throughout your restaurant and check it regularly. The ants will always be attracted to the bait inside the trap, and once they enter, they will not be able to get out.

Store Food Properly

One of the most effective methods to keep ants out of your restaurant kitchen is to ensure food is properly stored. Following are simple tips for storing food so that ants cannot get to it:

  • Keep all food in airtight containers. Glass or metal containers work best. Tightly seal the containers so that ants cannot get in.
  • Store dry goods in a cool, dry place. Ants are attracted to moisture, so they are more likely to go after food that is not stored correctly.
  • Do not leave food out on countertops or tables. It is an invitation for ants to come in and help themselves.
  • Keep trash cans clean and empty them regularly. Ants are attracted to garbage, so it is essential to keep the area around trash cans clean.

Following these simple recommendations can keep ants out of your restaurant kitchen.

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