Ants in electrical outlets [Here’s What To Do]

Sam McGilin

Sam McGilin

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Ants exist and thrive across the globe, making them a problem in many homes with their amazing ability to find food and water. And while ants are highly essential to our natural world, they can pose a real problem if they’re living in your home.

In this article, we cover how you can get rid of ants in electrical outlets with the best remedies, both natural and chemical.

How to get ants out of electrical outlets?

Ants are amazing in their ability to track food and water sources, often nesting in enclosed and protected spaces, which include electrical outlets and other dry/warm areas of your home.

There are several strategies that you can implement that will remove ants, as well as prevent any further infestation or nest-building.

Some of the methods for getting rid of ants in electrical outlets include:

  • Pesticides
  • Poison bait
  • Natural remedies (such as essential oils)
  • Preventative measures (such as ant-proofing your home)

Below, you can find detailed instructions for each of the methods that are used when getting rid of ants in outlets and other parts of your home.


This is the most effective and quickest method for combating and preventing ants in electrical outlets. Depending on the solution you’re using – prepare your products according to the instructions and spray the entire border of your electrical outlet.

It’s important to note that you should be careful when applying pesticides and not spray where the pesticide can come in contact with the wiring.

However, do not use this method if you have a pet or young children at home.

Natural remedies

One of the most preferred remedies today is a natural insecticide that can be made at home and is not toxic or dangerous by making a sprayable solution using essential oils, such as citronella, eucalyptus, and spearmint essential oils. Make a solution and spray your electrical outlets, ensuring you don’t wet the wiring.

Cinnamon is also beneficial for repelling and keeping ants away from electrical equipment and other parts of your home by placing the cinnamon powder in the cracks or openings that let the ants get inside.

Preventative remedies

Preventative measures are ultimately the best solution, and some of the prevention methods for keeping ants out of your home and electrical outlets include:

Keeping the electronic outlets free from food, dead insects, and other food attractors
Seal any cracks, holes, or openings in the outlets to prevent ants from gaining access
Create a perimeter around the outlets and sockets with pesticide chalk or other chemical powders.

Are ants attracted to electrical outlets?

Yes, ants are often drawn to outlets and other electrical boxes due to the warm and dry environment that is perfect for nesting, etc. If left unchecked, this can cause damage and other electrical-related issues.

How to keep ants out of electrical outlets?

Keeping ants out of your electrical outlets and boxes is best done by sealing every access point and keeping a preventative pesticide or remedy around the perimeter to prevent the ants from returning.

How to keep ants out of outdoor electrical outlets?

Keeping ants from outdoor electrical outlets is the same as indoors – by ensuring there is no food source available and sealing all available access points. Keeping up with your preventative remedies if you have an ongoing ant issue is the best way to ensure long-lasting effects.

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